Nurse Watch Silicone Violet


    Nurse's watch with plain pin brooch.

    Perfect watch for the medical professions.

    Holds on with a safety pin.

    Silicone shell.

    Different colours available.

    • Dark Purple
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    The advantage of the nurse's watch:

    The nurse's watch (also called hospital watch) that can be attached to your gown allows you to meet hygiene precautions: in general, it is best to avoid wearing a watch on your wrist in order to prevent the transmission of germs from one patient to another.

    Changing the battery :

    On the back of the watch, open the case with a thin, pointed tool to access the battery.

    Remove the white plastic cover and remove the battery by sliding it to the side.

    Insert the new one with the "+" facing upwards, respecting the polarity.

    Replace the white cover and close the housing.

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