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You are care assistant ? Wearing a medical gowne is recommended to protect you but also to protect your patients. The color white is becoming less and less common, and the nursing aides are now moving more and more towards an colored blouse Pink, green, turquoise. It all depends on the colour code of your establishment. We have selected lab coats that meet the requirements of your caregiving. For example, you can choose between a medical gowne long-sleeved or the short-sleeved nursing gown. For your comfort; prefer a v-neck medical gown. And choose either a long gowne or a short blouse.

To feel the greatest ease in your movements, Mankaia offers lab coats stretch. Finally, the look should not be neglected. The blouse of the carers is the first thing the patients see. It reflects the image of your institution (hospital, EHPAD...).

Don't miss also our selection of medicine pantsxs, the street jacketsr and the medicated hoovesx.

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