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Hospital gown

You work in a hospital ? Wearing a medical gowne is necessary because it reduces the spread of infection. The hospital gown helps protect you and your patients. The recommended work clothing consists of a doctor's coata medical pants and silent, non-slip shoes. Hospital staff prefer a limited number of pockets so as not to harbour microbes.

The color white is often the case, but more and more carers turn to pink, green, turquoise... The different trades then follow a color coding and convey a more modern and reassuring image to patients. The printed medical gown with original motifs is also increasingly making its entrance in France. The blouse of the caregivers of the hospital is the first thing the patients see. It reflects the image of the hospital.

It is advisable to change your hospital clothing every day for hygienic reasons in order to limit the bacterial transmissions. We also propose you to discover our washable overblouse designed specifically for hospital needs and recommended by theARS.

Many hospital staff prefer to use the short-sleeved shirts because they find them more convenient for reducing these transmissions. We have selected medical gownss that meet the requirements of your hospital profession. Many models of white coate are at your disposal. Choose between a doctor's coat long sleeves or the short sleeves medical gown. If the v-neck medical gown is recommended to guarantee the best comfort, you can also opt for a round collar or an officer collar. And you prefer a long gowne or a short blouse ? Finally, also filter your preferences by type of closure. Blouse to put onr ? Blouse with fastenere buttons or zip?

It is also essential to feel comfortable in your movements. Mankaia offers you lab coats soft and stretchy.

Don't miss also our selection of medicine pantsxs, the street jacketsr and the medicated hoovesx.

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