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Grey's anatomy: today's heroes are you!

Grey's anatomy: today's heroes are you!

Have you ever wanted to look like Mérédith or Doctor Mamour? It's possible!

You have probably already heard of the American series Grey's Anatomy. Created in 2005 by Shonda Rhimes, the series already includes 17 seasons and continues to be broadcast. The series tells the life of a hospital located in Seattle. Fans of the series follow the evolution of the characters, their careers, but also their personal and sentimental lives. With an average of 21 million viewers each week during its first year of airing, Grey's Anatomy is quickly becoming an iconic medical series. Today, in France, Grey's Anatomy is still in the top 10 most watched series. In fact, it has surpassed the record for the longest-running medical series held by Urgences.

In 2006, in front of this undisputed success, the Barco Medical Uniforms group joined forces with the ABC channel to create the brand of medical clothing Grey's Anatomy™ directly inspired by the medical series.

In the Grey's Anatomy series, we find color codes in terms of medical gowns that are not fictitious. Indeed, in the United States, doctors are recognized with their white coats. Interns wear blue scrubs. Surgical interns are dressed in green. The nurses wear pink. All the medical staff of a hospital center wear a gown and Americans do not hesitate to diversify the colors of the gowns to brighten up their workplace. Americans consider the aesthetics of their medical clothing as much as their protective role. Likewise, one cannot help but notice the fancy caps worn by the characters in the series Grey's Anatomy. This touch of originality is very popular in the United States. Influenced by the Grey's Anatomy series, the cap has gradually made its entrance in France.

In 2016, Grey's Anatomy medical clothing will be exclusively available at Mankaia! The brand offers models worn by Meredith, Doctor Mamour, Cristina, Alex and all the actors of the legendary American series but also other styles.

The brand offers trendy, modern blouses without neglecting quality. The fans of this brand appreciate to wear these ultra stretch, fluid and light medical outfits: a significant advantage during marathon days. Each caregiver needs to feel free in his movements, especially during the different manipulations. The comfort provided by this fabric brings great ease! The technical nature of the fabric is also important: moisture evacuation, antibacterial fabric ... Hard to do without once adopted! In addition, Grey's Anatomy medical gowns and medical pants are a real pleasure for all those who want easy maintenance. The fabric is made with 23% viscose, which allows an ultra fast drying and above all no creasing of the outfits. What a pleasure to feel impeccable all day long without going through the ironing box !

Don't wait any longer to put yourself in the shoes of the emblematic characters of the series!

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lundi, juin 29, 2020