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Koi, the trendy brand of medical outfits

Koi, the trendy brand of medical outfits

Break the codes of the medical world with glamorous and sexy blouses!

The KOI brand has made it its mission to create medical gowns for demanding professionals.
You will have an original medical gown with a glamorous style and the most comfortable comfort. Indeed, the brand is truly passionate about the world of fashion. That's why KOI medical gowns are designed with elegance and style.

KOI brand history
The story of the brand began in 2006 in a small apartment in Los Angeles. At the time, fashion and medical are two totally opposite worlds. The medical gown was an ordinary blue and in some cases a not very original green. Based on this observation, KOI decided to change the medical industry by adding some original touches. Comfortable to wear and above all much more elegant.

Kathy Peterson, former designer of the Guess brand, started the project of medical outfits starting with the design of Lindsey pants.

In 2009, a men's collection of medical blouse appeared and met a great success.

In 2010, the company KOI moved to Santa Monica to a more comfortable work space. Collaborations continue to multiply with collections that attract the covetousness of the whole world.

In 2014, the KOI Stretch collection makes its debut, followed a few years later by the Mariposa, Basics and Betsey Johnson line in 2019.

Reasons to choose a KOI medical outfit
KOI has a dynamic staff that is constantly looking for design and functional clothing. All healthcare professionals will easily find what they are looking for. Whether they are doctors, veterinarians, dentists, nurses or hospital personnel. The brand has a wide range of original medical gowns with an absolutely remarkable comfort.

The care taken by Kathy Peterson is directly perceptible on each creation. KOI has serious arguments such as a range that fits perfectly to all budgets. Each style is reflected, whether it is on the medical gown, the pants or on any other range. Each cut is defined with the utmost care and systematically, it is small details that will make the difference.

Beyond the absolutely remarkable style, you should also know that comfort will be at the rendezvous. In everyday life, the clothes are thought for active people who do not necessarily have a lot of time to spend ironing. This is why the KOI range is easy to maintain thanks to the anti-wrinkle system. The durability is also exemplary to prevent the medical gown from tearing at the first snag.

Don't hesitate to look at the different models of the KOI brand if you are looking for original and glamorous medical clothing. Women will easily find what they're looking for with clothing that matches their style, and men will not be outdone with a medical gown that fits perfectly and is totally in tune with the times. On your side, you just have to find your style among the different collections like Koi Lite, Koi Stretch, Koi Basics, Koi Classis. The design and style will be systematically at the rendezvous.

The KOI brand has all the qualities required to satisfy health professionals. It is an original brand that offers high-end clothing for both men and women. You will bring cheerfulness in your daily life with a comfortable outfit to wear that will almost make you forget the medical side. Do not hesitate to browse through the many models at your disposal to find your happiness.

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