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    Speech and Language Therapist's Dress

    Speech Therapist's Blouse

    In this section, you will find a large selection of medical gown. Depending on your budget, opt for a cheap speech therapist's blouse or a medical gown high-end. Your medical clothing must adapt to your profession. Choose for example: a colored blouse for modernity, a short-sleeved lab coat or a long-sleeved shirtrather a tie-dye blouse like a medical gown with zipper or medical blouse with snap fastenersa v-neck medical gowna colored blouse, long medical gown, a short-sleeved lab coat or a long-sleeved're spoilt for choice at Mankaia!

    To guarantee a well-groomed look, do not hesitate to use our embroidery department. At Mankaia, all our medical clothing are customizable and the craziest desires are allowed: all choices of font, location, colors.... Treat yourself and give your workplace a professional image.

    To complete your speech therapy clothingdon't miss also our selection of women's medical pants, men's medical pants and medical footwear.

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